Click festival • new media and contemporary culture • 15-17 May 2014

Drone Shadow & Dronestagram

James Bridle (UK)


James Bridle’s work focuses on a recent addition to our military arsenals – drones. Flying high in the skies above remote areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, Drone pilots pull the trigger on suspected insurgents while sitting comfortably in far off military bases. By publishing aerial photographs of the locations of recent drone strikes on social media such as Instagram, Bridle seeks to draw attention to a distant war that is as invisible to Western audiences as the drones are to their targets. Bridle also draws shadows of drones in urban areas to highlight that while drones fly high above our heads, we still know very little about them.



  • Date Hal 14, 18:00-24:00, Thursday 15th and
    12:00-24:00, Friday 16th and Saturday
    17th of May
  • Tags 2014, Exhibition

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